How to: Clip-in hair extensions

Hello guys! Today I want to tell you how one of my wildest dreams came true!.. Yes, I finally got my hair extensions.:) Of course, I was trying not to jump to anything too risky, so what I decided for are clip in hair extensions and it was definitely the right choice.
Now you probably remember how my hair lookes like earlier this summer.
And here are some street pictures taken in Italy…

So first thing I did is I chose a distributor of high quality hair extensions. One of the ones I have previously heard good impressions about is Irresistible Me.
They have a wide range of clip in hair extensions, full face wigs, hair tools and hair care.

So, when it comes to hair extensions choice, the options are Silky touch, Royal remy hair, Volume vixen, Highlights and even Ponytails.

They have a pretty wide range of different colors for hair etensions, even including the Highlights section which is so cool ig you can’t decide on one particular color but rather would have a richer color palette. Thereafter you choose a prefarable elngth in inch, mine were 22 inch long which corresponds to 200g weight…

After having browsed around some options I chose Romy royal line in Golden blonde color #14.

And in a couple of days… voila, my hair extensions arrived! 
It contains 2 separate sections in plastic in perfect condition.

The clip ins are very easy to use and are almost invisible.

Then to make sure my hair color matches the one of hair extensions, I went to get my highlights done.

And what I decided to do is I just brought the sample of the color and we chose the perfect colors for my highlights.

And… here is the result! I’m so excited and I love the color so much…

And here’s some closer look…
And now finally, the looks with hair extension! I love it soooo much!! 
And what about you, guys? Have you ever had hair extensions? Do you like it?

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