Coffee mornings


Hello my dear babies! I hope you are doing great. I am currently in a constant mode of exams preparations, which is so overwhelming at times.

Next month I am having a driving test, which I am preparing to on the weekends. Last Sunday, for instance, I drove all the way from San Diego to Carlsbad (for those who know), which is about 40 kilometers total. And, boy, was it tiring for a beginner, even though looking back I am proud I did it…

And in the end of the month I am having my GMAT test. For those who know, it is a multifaceted Management test. Truth be told, I am pretty nervous about it, but we’ll see how it goes!

And on top of that we are still having holidays. January 7 was orthodox Christmas and January 13 was the Old New Year widely celebrated in Eastern Europe… But we are still preserving the tradition of having coffee at Starbucks on weekends!

And here’s a photo from our latest getaways. I was wearing:

blue coat (similar here and here)

golden sweater (similar here and here)

Wishing you a wonderful day, guys!

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  1. Omg. Your blog is everything! Thank you for taking the time out to read Sho style. Had to check yours out and I’m so glad I did.

  2. This post has reminded me, along with everyone else, that I really need to start learning to drive! Good luck with your test 🙂 I love the j.o.a light blue trench coat you mentioned at the bottom of your post! You look lovely, you can’t beat a Starbucks coffee!

    X Gemma