Top 3 Social Media Trends

Hi guys! I recently had a conversation about the future of social media, which I decided to share with you. More specifically, let’s talk about top 5 trends in social media for the coming year. And feel free to share your ideas if you want to add one.

Привет, сегодня я хочу рассказать о главных трандах в соц сетях и о том как они преобразуют наше виртуальное общение.

1. Influencers will be more powerful than ever before

♥ Since getting noticed is becoming harder, businesses are going to need outside assistance to gain substantial exposure and interest, which influencers provide.

1. Влиятельные пользователи соц сетей будут востребованы как никогда ранее.

2. Keep your strategy simple

♥ Businesses that enlist simple and consistent social media strategies — like distributing useful content, promoting engaged discussions, and engaging in succinct and clear messaging and imaging — will stand out more because they don’t follow the status quo. Individuals are inundated with choices daily, which often causes confusion, so simplicity is very important for your success.

2. Простота и последовательность стратегии – ключевые факторы успеха.

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Happy Valentine’s day

Hello   Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Hoping yours will be filled with lots of romantic moments 🙂 Our plan is to go out and just enjoy ourselves. We might also watch a movie. Do you have any good recommendations? But at least we have a table reserved and we’ll go from there.

С Днём Святого Валенина мои дорогие! Пусть этот день будет наполнен романтикой и разными приятностями. Мы скорее всего отправимся в ресторан и возможно закончим этот день просмотром какого-нибудь приятного фильма. Но как минимум у нас зарезервирован столик в итальянском ресторане, нде мы еще не были.

We’ll go to a restaurant where we’ve never been before. We also requested a window table and it will be a pretty early dinner. So we expect to see stunning sunset.

Мы попросили столик у окна, так что скорее всего увидим обалденный закат.

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Update: Travels and Olympics

Good morning ♥ Tuesday is here! We spent Sunday and Monday in Ventura county so it feels like it’s the first day of the week today. And on top of that we traveled to San Clemente on Saturday, which was a blast!.. But too much driving for one weekend. I had a TA session in Operations Management last night. But we have found an opportunity to watch the Olympics. It was so awesome to see Chloe Kim and her half-pipe performance. She is a real snowboarding prodigy and a well deserved Olympic champion. Unfortunately, Ukraine has no medals yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. I believe in our biathlon athletes, so go Ukraine. Today I have another Marketing class, so here is my look from earlier today:

Мы провели воскресенье и понедельник в Вентуре, поэтому сегодняшний вторник ощущается как понедельник. А в субботу еще съездили в Сан Клементе, и это было действительно круто!.. Вчера у меня было занятие по Операционному менеджменту, но все же нашли возможность посмотреть Олимпиаду. Выступление сноубордистов было совершенно невероятно, и Клое Ким получила заслуженную золотую медаль… К сожалению, у Украины пока нет медалей, но я очень верю в наших биатлонистов (держу кулачки).

1. Sweater from Emilia Wickstead 2. Necklace Kollectin  3. Lipstick Marc Jacobs in Slow Burn 

1. Свитер Эмилия Викстед 2. Колье Kollektin  3. Помада Марк Джейкобс – Слоу Бёрн 

I love this necklace so much, I wish I had more occasions to wear it. And the new Marc Jacobs lipstick is so amazing.

Мне так нравится это колье, надеюсь в будущем у меня будет больше поводов его надеть.

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10 Best Food Delivery Apps

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I know some of you are still challenged with a selection of a place to go out or what to cook. But if you decide to stay in, I suggest you simply order food delivery and concentrate on what is truly important: Pleasure and focus on each other.

Here are 10 best food delivery apps you can check out to enjoy your romantic dinner on Wednesday night. But don’t hesitate to use these on any other day as well.

1. UberEats: this is my personal favorite primarily because of the app’s simplicity. You can just see the most popular places and filter restaurants by cuisine geography. And the best: real time tracking and a growing amount of restaurants!

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Have a nice Sunday + Emojis Video

Happy Sunday, dear readers ♥ If you are an iPhone user like I am, you probably had multiple moments when you were looking for a certain emoji but could not find one : -) So I was excited to find out that Apple is planning to roll out a new set of emojis. I think the best part about the new emojis is the Objects group. Here is the video that shows everything that is coming up. It is so much fun!

I can’t believe we still live without curly emoji faces. Is it possible? I also am looking forward to the cold face, partying face and smiling with 3 hearts 🙂

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Light Show Inspiration from the Olympics

Last night we took some time to watch Winter Olympics in South Korea, more specifically – the opening ceremony. I truly admire performances like these but the video with the light show in the end of the ceremony took my breath away. The snowboarder figure changed to Olympic circles and it was so magical 🙂

Here are some pictures:


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Gamiss Valentine day sale – coats

Casual Lady Windbreaker / Suit Woolen Blazer

This week has been pretty busy and it feels great that it’s finally Sunday 🙂 Yesterday we spent all day shopping and doing errands. But the best part was when we got to go to the beach in Leucadia. It was a beautiful and pretty hot day. So here is probably the final opportunity to shop for a jacket or a coat. I have found these beauties at Gamiss. Right now they are having a Valentines day sale 🙂 I love these top two items so much! It looks like I love tan coats lately 🙂 I think I will get one of these! And I also need a shorter jacket for spring. It’s time for a treat in the end of this long week.

Have a fantastic Sunday, and see you soon ♥

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