Gamiss Valentine day sale – coats

Casual Lady Windbreaker / Suit Woolen Blazer

This week has been pretty busy and it feels great that it’s finally Sunday 🙂 Yesterday we spent all day shopping and doing errands. But the best part was when we got to go to the beach in Leucadia. It was a beautiful and pretty hot day. So here is probably the final opportunity to shop for a jacket or a coat. I have found these beauties at Gamiss. Right now they are having a Valentines day sale 🙂 I love these top two items so much! It looks like I love tan coats lately 🙂 I think I will get one of these! And I also need a shorter jacket for spring. It’s time for a treat in the end of this long week.

Have a fantastic Sunday, and see you soon ♥

Swingy Velvet Coat

Open Lace Coat

Elegant White Coat / Faux Leather Jacket

Lapel Duster Coat / Embroidered Flowy Coat

Collar Wrap Coat / Sequin Embroidered Jacket


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