Light Show Inspiration from the Olympics

Last night we took some time to watch Winter Olympics in South Korea, more specifically – the opening ceremony. I truly admire performances like these but the video with the light show in the end of the ceremony took my breath away. The snowboarder figure changed to Olympic circles and it was so magical 🙂

Here are some pictures:


Turns out, the display was created with 1,218 Intel’s Shooting Star drones which had to be pre-recorded because of unpredictable weather conditions in Pyeongchang. That’s unbelievable! Yet the company is planning on doing smaller-scale, 300-drone shows during the medal ceremonies and it has tweaked the Shooting Star’s design. 🙂

I think this drone technology might replace fireworks in the future. Where else do you think drone light technology might be used? Ideas?

Enjoy the Olympics, by the way! My favorites are biathlon and figure skating. Hope you have a delicious and lazy Sunday 🙂

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